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Equine Surgery

Equine Surgery
Advanced, Emergency, & Elective Equine Surgery

This equine hospital has a foundation based in the thought that surgical intervention serves many vital roles in the health of our patients. True many horses will never need a skilled surgeon, but there are those that will and when that need arises, a long trailer ride to a distant equine surgery center or university can be more than inconvenient.

From the founding of the Mid-Rivers Equine Centre in 1987 to the present, it has been our deepest conviction that the St. Louis area needed a well-equipped and skillfully trained equine surgical staff available to horses on a twenty-four seven basis. We have spent nearly two decades building just such a team and equine hospital.

We hope that our horses never need a surgical procedure, but should they; we want you to know that we are here and able to help. See 'What I Should Know Before I Bring My Horse In For Surgery?' to learn more.

The following is a sampling of the surgical procedures performed at the Mid-Rivers Equine Centre.

Equine Surgical Procedures Include

Abdominal Surgery: Colic Surgeries, Exploratory Celiotomies, Ovariectomies

Arthroscopic Surgery

Castrations: Routine Castrations, Cryptorchid Castrations

Dental Surgery: Teeth Extractions, Standing Fractured Teeth Repulsion, Under Anesthesia Fractured Jaws, Wired

Head & Neck Procedures: Guttural Pouch Problems, Sinus Trephination and Exploration, Dental Procedures

Laser Procedures: Uterine Cyst Ablation, Trans-Endoscopic Pharyngeal Procedures,

Airway Problems

Laser-Assisted Hock Fusion

Cribbing Surgery

Leg Surgery: Splint Removals, Arthroscopic Joint Procedures, Street-nail Procedure for Penetrating Wounds to Hoof, Neurectomies, Traumatic Injuries, Heel Bulb Lacerations & Casting, Skin Grafting, See Tendon & Ligament Procedures

Neonatal Surgery: Umbilical Cord Removal, Neonatal Hernias, Umbilical and Inguinal Hernia Repairs, Ruptured Bladder Repair, Periosteal Stripping, (Crooked Legs)

Orthopedic Surgery: Arthroscopy, Splint Removal, Sequestrum Removal Procedures, (Non Healing Wounds)

Ophthalmic Surgery: Ulcer Medication Pump Installation, Enucleation (Eye Removal) and Prosthesis, Third Eyelid Resection

Tendon & Ligaments: Tendon Splitting, Internal Blistering, Stem Cell Injections (Bone Marrow Donor), Inferior and Superior Check Ligament Transections

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