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Horse Breeding & Reproductive Services

Horse Breeding & Reproductive Services
Breeding Services for Mares

MREC's equine breeding program is well-know for it successful mare pregnancy rate, detecting and managing equine infertility problems, and delivering healthy foals. The equine hospital offers a variety of horse breeding & reproductive services:

  • Mare Artificial Insemination
  • Infertility Investigation
  • Infertility Management
  • Pregnant Mare Well Horse Care Program
  • Embryo Transfer*
  • Foaling

We breed the majority of our mares at the hospital and this is simply a function of efficiency. It is difficult with busy schedules to coordinate and arrange farm calls with the arrival of shipped semen. In the instances where frozen semen is used, hospitalization is critical to success. The reason for this is these mares are often being checked every six hours around the clock. The timing with frozen semen is even more critical due to a smaller insemination dose.

If you’re considering breeding your horse, your options are many unlike a few short years ago. You can search the web for a stallion and it matters very little which country he is standing at stud. With the advent of shipped semen, followed closely by access to frozen semen, the possibilities are practically endless.

Timing is Everything.....

As a primer, there are a few basics in equine reproduction of which you should have at least a general understanding. The mare’s cycle is 21 days in length. She will generally be in heat for 5-7 days and out of heat for the following two plus weeks. Ovulation, the actual release of the ovum or egg, occurs approximately 24 hours before the end of the visible heat. Timing is very important in breeding and the closer insemination occurs prior to ovulation the better the odds of conceiving and becoming pregnant. A mare can be bred after she ovulates however her fertility drops hourly and in general breeding is of little value if more than 6 hours post ovulation.

*We do provide embryo transfer service however we have mostly limited this to embryo flushing and recovery. Once an embryo is obtained it is transported to a recipient farm where recipient mares are prepared for accepting the transferred embryo. If you have questions about embryo transfer, feel free to contact our office.

Breeding Services for Stallions

At Mid-Rivers we understand that the health of the Stallion is just as important the potential mare. To ensure that your stud is healthy and ready for breeding we offer several stallion breeding services:

  • Stallion Breeding Soundness Exams
  • General Health Exams
  • Semen Collection
  • Sperm Cell Longevity Testing
  • Investigate Infertility Problems
  • Determining Daily Semen Output (DSO)
  • Preparation and Transfer for Fresh Cooled Semen
  • Stallion Breeding Training
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