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X-Ray Consultation

X-Ray Consultation

At Mid-Rivers Equine Centre we are routinely asked to review and interpret x-rays taken by other veterinarians. This is a service we provide and it is available to anyone seeking a second opinion or those who are evaluating a horse for purchase.

X-ray consultation is a flat fee service. It includes interpretation, consultation and storage of images. The fee includes multiple views for the same horse. This can be particularly cost effective if you are in the midst of a pre-purchase exam. The interpretation of each of these will be covered with a single flat fee.

After the x-rays are interpreted, Mid-Rivers Equine Centre’s reviewing doctor will contact you to present the findings and provide consultation. This is generally a phone conversation.

If you would like us to interpret a horse’s x-rays, simply complete the X-Ray Consultation Request form and have the x-rays emailed to: xray@midriversequine.com. Be sure to identify any specific facts or concerns we should look for and address. (New customers: Please also call our office with your payment information so we can proceed with your consult.)

Please note: The quality of the x-ray affects the ability to interpret. DICOM is the preferred image format for evaluation. Good quality JPEGs can be evaluated if they are transmitted at a high resolution. Either of these formats can be used to email x-ray studies to Mid-Rivers Equine at xray@midriversequine.com.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office prior to completing the request form. 636.332.5373.

X-Ray Consultation Form - 163KB PDF

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