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Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentistry

At Mid-Rivers Equine Centre, we provide a full range of equine dentistry services from routine floating and extractions to repairing fractured jaws. We have a full range of diagnostic equipment and a fully equipped surgical suite on the premises to address any dental problem that may arise.

Routine and early dental care plays a vital role in your horse’s long-term health. The first dental exam should take place during the foal’s first wellness exam. After that annual exams should be scheduled to closely monitor your horse’s dentition. This does not mean that your horse’s teeth will need to be floated at every exam, but indentifying a problem early on allows for quick intervention.

Horses often live into their 20’s and 30’s and their teeth continuously erupt throughout their lifetime. Some older horses can actually outlive their teeth and have to be on diets that address a decreased ability to chew forage. This problem introduces a special challenge, as these horses still need adequate nutrition, which means we will have to provide basic maintenance calories and nutrients in a form that is easy to digest and readily absorbable. This often means pelleted complete feeds. By far the most important factor in prolonging your horse’s life, from a dental standpoint, is annual exams and routine floating. Annual exams insure early detection of problems, prompt attention and appropriate treatment.

A horse’s attitude and performance can also be adversely affected by dental problems that are left untreated. Horses that once behaved and rode well may now be shaking their heads, rear, or balk at the bit.

The equine dentistry services we provide and dental problems we address are:

  1. Floating to remove sharp points, and Bit Seats
  2. Wolf Teeth Extractions
  3. Cap Removal
  4. Plaque Removable
  5. Fractured Maxillary and Mandibular Bone Repairs
  6. Hook Reductions (Associated with Parrot or Monkey mouth)
  7. Ramp Reductions
  8. Oral Ulcer Treatment
  9. Root Canals
  10. Closed Diastema (Gaps Between Teeth) Therapy
  11. Supernumerary Teeth Extractions (very rare)
  12. Oral Extraction of Infected or Decayed Cheek Teeth
  13. Surgical Extraction by repulsion of Infected and Decayed Cheek Teeth
  14. Dentigerous Cyst Identification and Extraction
  15. Identification and Treatment of TMJ Issues

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