As your organization begins planning your event, one of the most important tasks is identifying those in your group who will actively seek sponsorships. From our perspective, the person contacting us is very important because this person represents the event and your entire group. It is important that this contact person be prepared with some vital information that will allow us to evaluate the request and respond quickly. We look at sponsorships as an opportunity to help support our equine community.

In the last few years the number of requested sponsorships has risen and this is a good sign of a very busy and healthy local equine community. We celebrate every event that helps provide a venue for equine enthusiasts to enjoy and promote their sport from local weekend shows to larger multi-week series. We appreciate the opportunity to play a role and look forward to learning more about your event.

With this ever-increasing number of requests, the reality is that it's impossible for us to support each and every event and as a result we have set up guidelines that will help you determine if your event would qualify for financial support. In the following pages you will be able to learn about our sponsorship supports and how to go about contacting us with your proposal. The best first contact should be through your veterinarian. Discuss the event with your doctor and allow them to propose the event to the sponsorship committee.

We would ask that you keep in mind that our goal in sponsoring events is to select those events that will reach the most people and encourage the involvement of our young people. If this applies to your event please read on.

Important Information:

Who will be the person responsible for seeing to the details of the agreement?

We will need dates and times of your events. (We require requests be made no later than 60 days prior to the event and the earlier the better.)

We would like a list of the board members of the organization.

How many horses/riders do you expect to participate? (We base the sponsorship level on the number of horses involved.)

We would like a description of how the event will be advertised and if the organization lists supporters on their website. Specifically, how do you promote your sponsors?

After your event, are you willing to provide a summary letter detailing the success of the event and of the total number of people that attended and participated in your event?

What events are eligible for sponsorships?

  • We will sponsor events that support charities that benefit horses.
  • We will sponsor events that support charities that benefit children's issues.
  • Horse shows of all breeds and uses are eligible for sponsorship.

* We will sponsor local groups and saddle club events. This includes high school events if the event involves horses.

What events are not eligible for sponsorships?

  • We are unable to sponsor individuals for shows or events.
  • We are unable to sponsor local school events unless they involve horses.
  • We are unable to sponsor events that do not involve horses directly
  • We are unable to sponsor events scheduled closer than sixty days from the first contact requesting support.
  • We are unable to sponsor events that send requests in the mail.

Once Selected:

Should your organization be selected for sponsorship we would ask that you consider the following items:

We will actively list your event on our website and we would request information and photos of your past events for this purpose.

We would appreciate photos highlighting your event and especially photos that highlight our involvement as a sponsor.

We would appreciate copies of any advertisements of the events we are sponsoring.

We require events that list a charity as a beneficiary, to provide a report on the percentage of proceeds actually donated to the listed charity.

Keep in mind that we value our sponsoring relationships and look forward to being involved with them in years to come. Any information that you can provide to us that documents your event and the tallies of horses and riders involved will be helpful in paving the way for future involvement of the Mid-Rivers Equine Centre.


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