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Purchase examinations are performed for buyers on a horse that they are considering purchasing. These examinations are performed to determine the health and soundness of the horse at the time of the examination.

The most common purchase examinations include a complete physical examination and lameness evaluation. The physical examination includes listening to the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal sounds, taking a temperature, and examining the eyes and oral cavity. The lameness evaluation involves examining the horse at the trot in a circle and straight line and flexion tests. Flexion tests involve flexing different joints and watching the horse trot to see if any lameness is elicited that may indicate a joint problem.

In addition, the buyer may elect to have radiographs (x-rays), blood work, drug testing, endoscopic examinations, or reproductive examinations performed. Purchase examinations can be tailored to address the concerns of the buyer and can include any or all of the above tests depending on the concerns of the buyer.

As stated above, the purchase examination is performed to determine the health and soundness of the horse at the time of the examination. Unfortunately, there are limits to what can be determined in the examination. It can not be determined if a horse has had episodes of colic in the past (unless the horse had surgery and the scar on the abdomen can be felt) or if it will in the future. It can not be determined if the horse has been exposed to any contagious diseases if the horse is not currently showing any signs. The future soundness of the horse cannot be guaranteed and the athletic ability of a given horse cannot be determined by a pre-purchase exam.

A purchase examination can be invaluable in helping you with your decision to purchase a horse. The cost of the exam, though significant, pales in comparison to the cost of boarding, feeding and training a horse that is later unable to perform at the level of your expectations.
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